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Art Contest Identifies New Talent

So you want to be a Good Cause Greetings' artist? Enter our art contest and show us your stuff! This is your opportunity to see your artwork featured on a holiday card that supports an organization working to better global conditions for world citizens. The contest is open to everyone: adults, children, amateurs & professionals alike. The Grand Prize Winner will receive $300 and will have their design produced into a holiday card supporting their choice of a Good Cause Greetings' charity partner.

Good Cause Greetings Contest Rules:

All work must be done in full color in 5 inch x 7 inch proportions. (Submitted artwork may be larger, not smaller, but must retain the 5"x7" proportions.) To enter, submit a color photocopy of your design (DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ARTWORK.) Photocopies will not be returned. Mail entries to:

Good Cause Greetings
30 West Colonial Road
Wilbraham, MA 01095 

On the back of the photocopy, please PRINT your name, address, day and evening telephone numbers and e-mail address. Also indicate whether you designed your piece to support a particular organization. A specific charity need not be named when entering.

Deadline for entries is December 31. Artwork received after that date will be entered into next year's contest. Winners are announced in January. Artwork may be submitted year-round.

Tips For Successful Entries:

  • This is a holiday card contest. Butterflies, bunnies, spring flowers, gothic or fantasy images, etc. are never going to be selected as winners. Images featuring children, doves or global or peace themes that apply to the charities we support will be more successful.
  • Note that most Good Cause Greetings' cards do not feature traditional Christmas themes (Christmas trees, Santa Clause, manger scenes, etc.). That is because the majority of our customers are business people who send the cards to their customers or associates. They prefer artwork that is nondenominational and unrelated to any particular set of beliefs.
  • Color is key. Winning entries must compliment the "look" Good Cause Greetings is known for. Bold, colorful, vibrant images are embraced by our customers and are more likely to win. The medium is up to you. Winning entries have been done in collage, acrylics, oils and watercolor.
  • Remember the 5" x 7" proportion requirement. A lot of terrific artwork submitted for the contest cannot be considered because it is not in the rectangular format necessary for our cards.
  • Don't forget your contact information. Entries without artist identification will be ignored.

Good Luck!

 Specific questions not answered here may be addressed to: info@goodcausegreetings.com



Our Artists

Good Cause Greetings scours the planet for fresh talent to design our cards. The majority of our cards are created specifically for the charities they support. Whenever possible, the artwork reflects the nature of the work of the supported nonprofit. For example, cards supporting literacy feature books while those that benefit children's charities feature children. As our customers repeatedly tell us, "These are not your ordinary charity cards!"

Although their styles vary widely, one thing most of our artists have in common: they are as equally passionate about doing good and helping those less fortunate as we are.

Past Winners Have Included:


Jillian Ferrigno
age 9, a 4th grade student from Manchester, Conn.; Cardinal in Winter;

Supports Wildlife Trust.


Stars of Peace;  (This artist prefers to remain anonymous and signs all her artwork with the name of her cat.)

Supports the  Breast Cancer Fund.


Theresa Stewart 
Newburgh, NY. Cabin in Winter;

Supports the National Alliance to End Homelessness.