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Calendar Cards
Calendar cards are holiday cards with year-long staying power. This customized marketing tool keeps your name and contact information out in front for the entire year. An added bonus? 20% of card sales benefit the charity of your choice! For full selection of Calendar Cards: Calendar Card Designs - Click Here!

Learn about the work of the various charities supported by Good Cause Greetings

Good Cause Greetings is proud to support nonprofit organizations throughout the world through the sale of our unique line of holiday greeting cards. The purchase of Good Cause Greetings helps end hunger, provide housing, medical care and education for world citizens and improve the environment for people and animals worldwide. Click on a charity logo to be linked to the collection of cards supporting that particular organization.

Good Cause Greetings works to support charitable and nonprofit organizations that meet high standards set by the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance ( or the requirements for 501c(3) nonprofit status.